Big City Bread

We believe that innovative contemporary design can support and encourage community sustainability

The building that now houses the Big City Bread restaurant and bakery began its life as a post-war electronics parts store, eventually becoming a Salvation Army Thrift Store.

In 1998, the building and its barren parking lot were renovated to provide a home for a local cafe and bakery. The result is a shady and inviting courtyard that serves as a beloved neighborhood gathering place.

Orienting the space toward the community required solving parking issues onsite. Excavation and regrading the site to create a sunken patio, along with careful detailing of onsite parking, ensure that people feel welcome in the space, with cars being intruders into the pedestrian realm. A careful layering of planting materials and site features gives pedestrians a feeling of being protected and sheltered from the street. The re-cladding of an existing warehouse addition with warmer materials was a sustainable solution which minimized waste by reusing an existing structure in a creative and neighborhood-supporting way.