Our Community

We believe that innovative contemporary design can support and encourage community sustainability

585 Barber Street

D.O.C.’s focus on community sustainability permeates both its built work and daily life in the office. Our home at 585 Barber Street, beyond being a simple workshop and office for D.O.C., has become a collaborative space, home to like-minded community-oriented businesses and artists. Linked spaces within 585 encourage cross-disciplinary interaction. The building is also one of three nodes in an emerging Railroad Arts District along the CSX railroad tracks north of downtown Athens.


The Railroad Arts District of Athens, Georgia is a collective of artists and businesses centered around the CSX railroad tracks that run through the north end of town. 585 Barber is one of the major hubs of this emerging creative neighborhood. The Leathers Building, a D.O.C.-renovated building, is another major node along this corridor, home to diverse of collection of studios and offices. The Chase Street Park warehouses, home to studios and lofts, comprise the third major piece of RxRAD.


DOC Unlimited has been an integral part of ADD since its conception. ADD is a consortium of artists who have moved into the field of design - fabric, urban, furniture, technology, graphic - with the intended purpose of enriching the local and national community. ADD's purpose is to gather together the community and bolster the idea that through collaboration and innovation, every part of our environment can be a thing of beauty. View their work online at www.athensdesigndevelopment.org

D.O.C. Artist Residency

D.O.C. Unlimited offers local visual artists a supportive environment in which to further their creative development by creating a collaborative space where creatives can gain from the wealth of knowledge and experience housed in the DOC studio. This invitational program has assisted painters, sculptors, and printmakers to expand their media through concentrated development and encouragement. Our past working artists include Michael Oliveri.

Our Friends & Neighbors

D.O.C. Unlimited would like to introduce you to a few of our friends and neighbors. A wonderful group of artisans, businesses and cultural out posts that inspire our work every day.

1000 Faces Coffee

Young Athenians

Marmalade Pottery

Modern Convenience

Young, Foxy & Free Magazine

Lou Kregel

Nuçi’s Space